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You know what makes music so wonderful? It adapts to every human emotion. Feeling low? There are requiems and dirges. Feeling sexy? Sing a torch song. Angry? Songs of protest and rebellion. Sleepy. A lullaby. Spiritual, joyful, melancholy, exuberant, pick an emotion and there's music for it. Irish drinking songs, calypso numbers, sea shantys, Christmas carols, Broadway show tunes, gospel songs, polyphonic motets, commercial jingles, rock anthems, tunes from Tin Pan Alley.

With the Musical Notes project, Utata invites you to explore music for the eye. Each of these projects represents an individual's photographic interpretation of some aspect of music. It could be the soundtrack of a person's life. It could be an account of a band — perhaps a band like you'd have created if you'd ignored the good advice of your parents. It could be the score of a romantic comedy or an adventure movie. It could be a concert review, or the epitaph of a new member of the 27 Club, or the liner/cover notes of a favorite album. It could be anything.

Like music itself, it could be anything at all.