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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Big Project exclusively about the pictures or can we back up images with text?
This Big Project is mostly about the photographs but sometimes we like to use words as well. If you want to explain your diary or any other category in the Flickr Description then we would gently suggest a limit of 200 words per photograph.
I have been taking one isolation image of my neighbour’s garden shed every day now for the past month. How many is too many?
You may submit up to 6 photographs in each category up to a total of 36. However, specifically regarding your neighbour; sheds are a traditionally private space. Don’t be a jerk.
Can I use archival photographs or do they all have to be new?
No. Big Projects are about creating new work.
Can I use someone elses's photographs?
No, please only submit photos which you took and for which you have full copyright. Model releases may be necessary.
Will collaborative works be accepted?
No. Utata Big Projects are solo endeavours.
Will submissions be edited or published as is?
Whatever you submit, that's what we use.
What size will images be displayed?
Images will be displayed using Flickr's default large size, with a maximum width of 1024 pixels wide.
What tags do I use?
In order for us to pull your photos from Flickr and display them on the Utata project page, you'll need to tag your photos properly. All submissions must use one of the following tag depending on the submission category:
  • utata:project=portraits2020
  • utata:project=insideout2020
  • utata:project=masterpiece2020
  • utata:project=hobbies2020
  • utata:project=rooms2020
  • utata:project=isolation2020
Within each of these categories, you can order the display of your photographs using the tags utata:entry=1, utata:entry=2 etc, up to utata:entry=6.
N.B. these should be applied per category, e.g. if you submit three tagged portraits2020 and two tagged insideout2020 they should be numbered entry=1, entry=2, entry=3 for the “portraits”, respectively and then entry=1 and entry=2 for the “insideout”, respectively.
Can I use other formatting tags?
As for previous Big Projects, tags can mark which part of a description of a photo is seen by Utata: utata:startdesc=[marker] and utata:enddesc=[marker] replacing [marker] with whatever characters you choose as your marker. Alternatively, leave the desc=[marker] out and everything written in the Flickr description box will be published alongside the photo.
Can my photos be marked private?
In order for your photos to appear on Utata project pages, they must be public, not private.
Can I opt out of Flickr's API permissions?
No, in order for us to access your photographs using tags, you must opt-in to Flickr's api permission. If you don't know whether you are opted in or not, go here and check. You must have the “Hide your photostream from searches on 3rd party sites that use the api?” unchecked in order to participate.
Do I have to be a member of Utata?
Membership of Utata's Flickr group is sufficient to take part in the Big Project and have your submissions published at Utata.org.
What is Utata's policy on nudity?
Utata.org only publishes Flickr photos marked “safe” in accordance with Flickr community guidelines. See the following from the Flickr FAQ on Content Filters:
What is the deadline for this exciting project?
All submissions must be completed and appropriately tagged before the end of Saturday, May 16th, 2020.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask in the relevant Flickr thread and a helpful guide will stop by shortly to provide you with an answer and maybe some hand sanitiser.