Blue planet Earth

masha2606 aka SON

Where I Live
Where do I live? I am a sum of photons. There are millions of living organisms inside my body and all around me. I live everywhere and everything lives in me. It could be scary thought, don´t you think? Yet, I am not scared. I exist; I live in a moment, in nature, in seasons… I live in the past and I will live in the future in some other shapes. In this particular cross point of space and time I live on this beautiful blue planet in a shape of human being.

We are blessed with the ear, the water, plants and animals. This fantastic “third rock from the Sun” is truly blessed. I love the nature; it means life. Some people feel most at home in the nature. I am one of them. I love to observe season changes in Belgrade. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and my hometown. Spring always brings changes and new life to trees, bugs, herbs.Belgrade´s spring is filled with secrets and possibilities. Who can tell what lurks behind the doors?

Wanna sit and take a sunbath?
Belgrade´s summers are long, hot and lazy. They are cozy, pleasant, inviting, alluring. What else you can do except to relax and take nice, long sunbaths? I cannot resist to tempting Belgrade´s summer. Come on over and join me!

Just another great rainy day
In the golden autumn I love to take long walks along humid Belgrade´s streets. I like walking in the rain, I like singing and laughing in the rain. I really like to take deep breaths of fresh chilly air. I am the genuine autumn child. Also, during the autumn in Belgrade I can eat fresh made corn on the cob and roasted chestnuts. Sometimes I just count fallen leaves on the ground.

blue blue sky... a winter blues

In the winter time Belgrade is truly white town. Only in Belgrade I like to experience true winter blues. It brings me pleasant memories. It’s not sad at all. There are just blue sky and snow-white clouds.

Like salt crystals
I know that I live in the memory of other people. I am very grateful for it. Somewhere in the universe this river of memories and images will continue to live forever. The energy never dies. It only changes its shape. In the meantime I continue my search for distant stars, strange suns and moons, shapes and lights. That makes me feel alive.