Come in

Maureen Bond

Come in
Hume states that, "that nothing is ever really present with the mind but its perceptions or impressions and ideas." I often hear the older generation reminiscing about the good old days when things were simpler and people really knew how to live. Life was slow, quiet, and purposeful. People didn’t really care about what you wore, what you drove, and what you did for a living.
It really is an interesting transition as we age what our priorities become, our wants, our needs and what our future may hold. Appreciation and gratitude become much more meaningful. You’re thankful for each new day you’re given.

I remember how I lived as a kid. Things appeared simple and easy. But were they? It doesn’t matter. I want to live that way again.

As a child you came and went. You left your doors unlocked, bikes on the lawn, played ball in the street, went to the local park and came back by dinner time, and then left your windows open at night.

wash up
Spending time in the bathroom was shared. Houses were smaller. There weren’t any fancy faucets with sensors or pull out water picks. It was basic. Hot and cold. You had to figure out how to get to that happy lukewarm medium. If you were the last one to try, you might be out of luck if your older brother used up all the hot water. Yes, even water heaters were smaller then.

sit, stay awhile
Hearing a steam whistle from the kitchen let you know something was ready to be had. I had my cup with some chocolate powder in it, waiting for the hot water to be poured so I could watch the little marshmallows float to the top. The older folks drank tea or coffee with this kettle. That kettle was really a symbol of time spent together. Waiting for that moment. Sitting down together enjoying our drinks. Kitchens today, with all the specialized gadgets, are like barista bars at the corner cafe. Many people are sitting and sipping but is it really the same?

cooling off
Why is it that summer didn’t seem so hot when you were younger? Even back then, air conditioners didn’t exist in my home. You relied on a fan to cool off your face, standing in front of it, making noises to just hear your echo. Then getting told to move, as the fan was really trying to cool off the whole room for everybody.

Sunday after dinner (early as it was a school night) was a car ride for some ice cream and a drive around the neighborhood. On Sundays, most things were closed. It was not a 24/7 kind of time. These drives were 20-30 minutes but seemed longer and they were fun. Again, more time spent together as a family. Our car was simple. No air conditioning, no GPS, no automatic windows... Well, you get the picture.
People pursued their dreams back then, and many even achieved them. Everyone has a purpose in life whether you think so or not! More importantly, it is the little things that make life worth living each day.
I want to live a simpler life with easier times and nicer folks.
I don’t want to be one of those that have forgotten how to Live.
Do what you love and do it often
Life is simple
Getting lost will help you find yourself
Life is short
Live your dream