Where I Live: Previously, The Couch

Greg Herringer

Where I Live: Previously, The Couch
When I moved to Vancouver, I wanted to become more active. Instead, I bought an expensive suede-clad feather stuffed couch. I named it Bellerophon. It was an entire room unto itself. I watched lots of movies there. Then one day I got bored with that. This is all that remains of Bellerophon.

Where I Live: The Farmers' Market
I began to eat healthy. I gorged on fresh produce from the Saturday Farmers' Market held not 3 blocks away from my home. I defied masculine stereotypes and consumed flowers. They go well with goat feta and bitter greens. Everyone should have the chance to meet the people who grow your food.

Where I Live: The Seawall
Fit friends convinced me to give running a try. As a result, the Stanley Park Seawall is a second home for me. Now I teach others to run here. It is more satisfying than any victory I could achieve in a race.

Where I Live: Worf And The West End
Clara and I moved closer to Stanley Park. We bought a small apartment and painted it a happy limoncello. Worf (we go way back) helped guard our work. I like Star Trek very much. When I was small, I wanted to live in that ideal future. Now I live in the West End with Clara and, uh, Worf. It is a reasonably ideal arrangement.

Where I Live: Deep Thoughts
I live mere steps from the ocean. Running, walking, strolling or sitting, sometimes I like to think deep thoughts while zoning out to the sights and sounds of the ocean. It is even better when Clara and I get takeout fish and chips and make a picnic of it. Except that doesn't work so well when I am running.

Where I Live: It's A Silly Place
Sometimes I say to hell with it and go to my silly place. My home is surrounded by natural beauty. My neighbours are friendly and let us pet their doggies quite often. Clara and I are very satisfied with where we live. But sometimes, I just like to visit silly. One day, I may move there permanently.