Where I Live 1

Kathy Nobles

Where I Live 1
I live within a melting pot of my experiences. No matter the physical structure that may, or may not surround me, I am embedded with the thoughts, feelings, opinions and visions of my past. The glue of family and friends has patched the holes of my sometimes fragile existence. I am a lucky one, with glue as strong as iron, or as soft as silk, as the need may be.

Where I Live 2
Where ever I live, I surround myself with things I love (rocks, twigs, shells, art, memories...things don't match, I don't care); and people, who respect who I am, that I can trust; and pets with soft eyes that love me no matter what. The sometimes ugly world evolves around my space. Daily I question how it can be so cruel, so cold, so inhuman. Daily I vow to keep my little space warm, safe and loving....to see the good and imagine.....that there is nothing else.

Where I Live 3
Through the years my vision has changed, being bombarded by reality. Physical moves from the steadfast Midwest to the zany world of Los Angeles propelled my young mind into a world of diversity, glamor, sin and adventure. Then slammed back into what seemed like the past in Mid America...my life changed again.

Where I Live 4
I've lost track of how many wars (usually not called wars) have taken place around the world in my lifetime. At times I blatantly protested them; then I resolved myself to the fact that it will never stop...the hate and dissension that somehow justifies the willingness to kill and be killed. First it was friends I lost...then children of friends....now grandchildren of friends....but before that....if my father had not survived...I would not be....

Where I Live 5
Where I have physically lived has changed about a dozen times, and every move has been another addition to the great melting pot in my mind. From the trusting "rose garden" of childhood; to the "what's wrong with the world" of adolescence; to the cookie cutter "establishment" patterned for "success"--or at least a comfortable way of life; to now:
I want to be myself
I want the wars to end
I want the government to do what is right
I want my child to be happy
I want my partner in life to grow old with me...running, jumping and smiling through life.