clari posa

The world of violin-playing is where I live.
Its the instrument I´ve played since I was seven. At that time it was my playground and

my ice cream- it was one of my favourite places.
I spent hours practicing my children-concerts, not getting tired of repeating them over and over again and then playing them to a small audience.
When I was eight we moved from Germany back to Austria and I started to play in the youth-orchestra. The experience of creating something so beautiful as a team was fascinating and frightening at the same time. But the fascination (and friendships I made) prevailed and I kept coming back for projects until I was 16.

In the meantime I visited a music-highschool and enjoyed it immensly to be in a class where everybody else played an instrument as well. It was a great time with lots of concerts with orchestra and choir and travel-exchanges to France and Bulgaria.
It was the exciting time of first love, Interrail and bonfires.

On the other side, when I needed to be alone, I could always practice and think about life.
It made me feel calm and alive at the same time.
Playing the violin was my own private apple tree.
With 26 I finished my exams and became a violin teacher myself- the profession I had been dreaming of since I was about ten years old.
To keep learning and playing -and because it´s the music I like best- I still studied how to play historical violin instruments.

Today I am mother and musician and sometimes it feels as if I was standing on a driveway and watching my former life pass by.
Now I´m slowly trying to combine both, the old and the new life. Next month I will be playing my first concert since the birth of our daughter and since March I started to teach at the music school again.

Chin Rest
As for the future..I hope there will be lots of musical projects to come, inspiration, teamwork, stage fright and all the rest, because it´s where I live.
The world of violin-playing is where I live