Tagging for Utata Projects

Every time Utata announces a project there is also an announcement of the tags which should be used. Without these specific tags, your photos will not appear on the project page.

The standard tag format for Utata projects is now:

  1. utata:project=specified tag

So, if the project called for the tag white then the tag you would use would be:

  1. utata:project=white

Note: these tags will appear under the “Machine Tags” section of your flickr photo page.

Other formatting tags are available:

  1. If you want your photo to be shown with a black background (rather than the usual white), simply add the tag utata:color=black
  2. If you want your photo to display with no border (useful for those white background shots), simply add the tag utata:border=none.
  3. If you don’t want to show your Flickr description (only suitable for *some* projects), add the tag utata:description=hide
  4. If you want to display only part of your Flickr description, it’s a two step process:
    1. Decide what part of the description you’d like to show. You then put markers (of your choice) around that description. You can put either 1 or 2 markers.
    2. Add tag(s) that tell utata what the markers are and how they should be treated. Tags are: utata:startdesc=[marker] and utata:enddesc=[marker] replacing [marker] with whatever characters you choose as your marker.
      Either of those tags is optional, so if you only put one marker in your text, you should add either a Start or End tag to let Utata know whether we should take the part of the description before the marker (use the utata:enddesc= tag) or the part after the marker (use the utata:startdesc= tag).
    3. (You can see various examples of this particular tagging method in this utata post.)

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