The 10 cent designer

cream soda

Hey baby, get in the car. Let’s go for a ride, just you and me. We’ll stop somewhere and buy some cheap sunglasses, and we’ll point the car straight into the sun and drive. We don’t need to see where we’re going, so long as we’re going together. I got a CD baby, made it just for you. Let’s get in the car, play some tunes, see where we end up.

C’mon baby, let’s go. Let’s get outa town. You can lean back and put your feet up on the dash. We don’t have talk, baby, we can just listen to the music and let the car take us on down the road. It’ll be our road, baby, yours and mine, and it’ll take us anywhere we wanna go.

Let’s do it, baby. Let’s go somewhere else. Let’s be someone else. You can be Lola and I’ll be Spike and we’ll wear cheap sunglasses and drive straight into the sun. The music won’t ever stop and neither will we. C’mon baby, c’mon baby, the road’s waiting for us. It’s out there and it’s just waiting. For us.

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