txema rodriguez

It’s Safe in the City

She looks like she’s floating, adrift in a green sky, orbited by a pair of red shoes. It’s an image that could have sprung from the mind of Henri Matisse at his most playful. Gravity has no meaning here, reality has no jurisdiction; she is afloat in an empyrean realm of undiluted imagination.

It’s a grand universe of four colors. Green, black, white, and an astonishing double pinprick of red. A red unlike any other red; no other red was ever quite so innocent. No other black or white was ever quite so joyful. No other green ever embodied such a sky.

It’s so simple, so very simple and when one thinks on it, it’s so very clear. Let loose of the hand of a lovely young woman and she’s apt to drift off into the green sky, where a pair of red shoes hover in waiting. It couldn’t happen any other way.

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