LSotY 2015

At the end of December 2013, Martin started a conversation* that has spanned over 2 years. There have been 83 replies to Martin’s opening question: Haven’t we talked a lot about selfies last year?

We Utatans enjoy a good conversation. Quips and witticisms are welcomed and returned in kind. Running jokes including dishwasher vodka are the hallmark of a classic Utata chat. But ultimately, the tradition of LSotY is about the collective participation in the photography — the taking and the sharing of last selfie of the year with a group of good friends who may never meet offline.

There are the hurriedly snapped at New Year’s Eve party selfies. There are taken mid-year with no intention of repeating the process selfies. There are carefully thought out selfies involving exceptionally fine mirrors and dishwasher vodka. There are even shot on film selfies.

And I can’t think of a better representation of the 2 year Utatan tradition of LSotY than Sonya’s joyful selfie celebration of a family new year, with its twin glow stick bracelets encircling her photographer’s eye.

*You’ll need to join the Flickr Utata Group to read the discussion – but you knew that already.

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