Lisa Toboz


I  didn’t choose this photo because of its beauty – though the delicateness of the double-exposed polaroid struck me straight away. Nor did I pick it for the balance of complementary colours and textures which are a delight to the eye.*

I had it in my mind to choose a Polaroid for today’s Front Page. To seek out an example of a clever, dreamy, arty, funny work that has gone this week and is coming to a close today. I could have chosen others – there are so, so many others I could easily have picked.  But this one photo sought me out.


Not just a place where we live but something more. Like this Utatan community of clever, dreamy, funny, arty people, some of whom intersect with the clever, funny, arty people who take part in Roid week, year after year. Check out the photos and friendly community of Polaroid shooters. I think you’ll like what you see, but even if you don’t I’m sure you’ll be charmed by their warm-hearted ways.


*I am a complete and utter liar. I chose it for all of those reasons, and more.



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