Yeah, okay, it’s just an off-white wall with an open door. Nothing really interes…wait. What’s that behind the open door? Another door? What? A door opening up to another door? That’s crazy. Why?

And that vent over the door, that’s not a normal vent, is it. It’s got something electrical sticking out of it. What’s going on here? Oh, and look at the discoloration at the bottom. What’s that about? Maybe there’s been some high water here. Dirty water. Flood water, maybe.

And that light above the door — is that to illuminate it so people can enter it at night? Or to illuminate it to deter breaking and entering? And what is that bluish thing at the bottom right of the frame — the thing that’s casting that little shadow? What is that?

What kind of building is this? What’s behind that door behind the door? What the hell is going on here?

This is the thing about a good photograph. A good photograph deserves — and rewards — a second, closer look.

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