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So here is why I keep looking at this picture. I’m sitting in the coffeeshop window again next to a potted aloe, which is smaller than my cup. There is a dog parked outside, his owner says that it is a Portuguese Water Dog, You know that dog never even visited Portugal, and neither did its parents. It was told to sit, so it hovers its haunches above the cold, grim sidewalk. Where we are now, it still feels like winter. I would like to go to Portugal, so would the dog.

I listen to an accountant at the counter talk about his age, his coffee, his kids at University, stress and selling up. He wants to retire to Costa Rica. The very small children stumble along to school, wearing all the same layers of insulation that they were wearing in January. Ms A the Phys. Ed. teacher is frustrated, for months she has made them play every game that StayPuft Bibendum babies can play. She wants to move to B.C.

Then I look at this picture: the lines of sunlight and shadows, the whiz-bang colours of Saturday morning cartoons, and stripes of whiskery stubble stabbing out from the cactus trunk. It is everything that I cannot see through the coffeeshop window. It is a reminder that spring impacts us all… eventually.






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