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Spring ‘Roid Week 2018 #10

Yes, I know, Spring ‘Roid week is over. But this photograph by Phil Chee is so quintessentially Utata that it must be on the Front Page today. NO FRILLS — won’t be beat. That perfectly describes Utata, doesn’t it.

Well, okay…frills. We do occasionally do frills in Utata. Maybe more than occasionally. Sometimes we do frills. But we don’t do frills just to be frilly. We only do frills when frills are actually called for. Which, okay, may be fairly often. But still.

Anyway, Utata won’t be beat. We just won’t. Well established fact, right there. Well, okay…’beat’ implies some sort of competition and we’re not at all about competition. I mean, sure, if there was a competition, I’d put my paycheck on Utata. If I had a regular paycheck. But competitive photography is anathema to Utata. If ‘anathema’ means what I think it means. In any event, I think I can say with a fairly high degree of certainty that IF there was a competition AND I had a regular paycheck, then my paycheck would be safe if I bet it on Utata.

You know, none of this matters. What matters is that Phil’s Polaroid has the visual purity that the best Polaroids have, and we’re delighted to put this in the Front Page as an example of Utata’s unbeatable no frills approach to photography.

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