wild goose chase

call me when you get there…

Do you remember the noise of the bell on these phones? They startle you like a stab to the eardrum, they sound loud and angry. Fiona’s photograph is neither of those things, her world is, as ever, still and quiet, harmonious. But I like to imagine that the phone was ringing when Fiona was there, and suppose that it is still ringing now. Imagining the sound changes how we see this.

I was once close enough to Kentra Bay to make a local call. I sailed to the isle of Eigg. There was a single shop in a quiet landscape. It sold everything you could buy on Eigg; lightbulbs, rice pudding, fishing hooks, honey, all of the essentials. The quietness came free with every purchase.

Fiona composes soothing images so she does not mention the singing sands of Kentra Bay; the sands do moan on and on. You will have to trust me on this because it is hard to hear a photograph. You certainly cannot hear sand songs over the noise of that telephone.

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