My new love interest

Okay, first? Look at that face. Look at those ears, and that shock of whitish face-fur, and those eyes. So yeah, love interest.

Second, mini-donkey? I mean, c’mon. Donkeys are weirdly charming in themselves, but when they come pet-sized they’re just magically charmingdorable. Also, say this out loud: mini-donk. To my knowledge, nobody actually calls them that, but they should. So again, love interest.

Third, don’t nobody knows where the name donkey comes from, which makes them all the more wonderful. Is it onomatopoetic (oh lawdy, I hope it’s onomatopoetic on account of that’s a delightful word all by its ownself)? Is it because of their don-like gravity? Is it because they’re so often dun-colored? NOBODY KNOWS, and how wonderful is that? So, once more, love interest.

Fourth, mini-donks belong to the order of perissodactyla. What are perissodactyla, is what you’re probably asking right now, and I’m going to tell you. They’re odd-toed ungulates. Ungulates with an odd number of toes! SO much better than ungulates with an even number of toes. So, as ever was, love interest.

Fifth, mini-donks (are you falling in love with that name yet?) are universally acknowledged to be “the friendliest and most affectionate animals of its type.” Do I even need to say ‘love interest’?

And finally? Did you look at that face? Look at that mini-donk face. Love interest, right there.

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