g a r c í a

take your time

You don’t notice me at first. I’m half hidden by the shadows in this spring-laced street where the sun shines in at low angles. You are a little blinded as you step into the shade away from the reflection of white washed walls.

You don’t even know I exist. You’re thinking about something else entirely. Your mind is on the errands you have to run, the kids to collect,  a first date with a new lover that you’re looking forward to later. Whatever.

I don’t much care what you’re thinking as you walk towards me. My breath stops, caged behind my ribs at the moment you notice me for the first time. I breathe out as the moment passes, the break in your even footsteps, the darting of your eyes beyond me as you scan the empty street for signs of life. But no one else is here — just you and me.

I always choose a quiet street for my work.

I see you fight the urge to look back, it’s in your eyes as you move onwards. There’s a more definite rhythm to your step, a forced air of confidence.

I just take one shot. It’s all I ever need.

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