This is so often how it is.

Oh, we’ll go all over Invictus and, like William Ernest Henley, declare ourselves to be the masters of our fate, the captains of our souls. But the reality is we generally just drift along and wind up somewhere, usually with others who are pretty much like we are (whether we want to admit it or not) and ended up where we are in much the same way.

I don’t know, comparing humans to driftwood…maybe that sounds horrible. I don’t think so. Driftwood is often attractive. It’s tough, though its rough edges are usually smoothed by time. It serves as shelter and protection for waterside animals, and as food for worms and insects. And according to Norse mythology, Odin formed the first humans out of two pieces of driftwood. That’s not a bad pedigree.

How we got where we are isn’t necessarily important. What matters is that we’re here.

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