West View, Pennsylvania

There really isn’t anything spooky about West View, Pennsylvania. It’s just a small middle class white suburb of Pittsburgh. It’s about as spooky as mayonnaise.

And yet…

…make it nighttime. Make it close to midnight, when all the decent people should be asleep in their beds. Have a couple of adjoining houses turn on a light. Not all the lights…just one light in a couple of rooms. Park a car nearby, close to a streetlight, close enough to almost illuminate the interior, close enough to create dark shadows that could conceal somebody inside.

Do that, and you create tension — a state of emotional uncertainty, a state of anxiety, a state of waiting for something to happen. Do that and suddenly the quiet of West View, Pennsylvania is replaced by free-floating, apprehension and dread.

It’s probably nothing. Tell yourself there’s probably a good explanation for why those lights are burning so close to midnight. Tell yourself there’s almost certainly nothing suspicious about that car. Tell yourself everything is probably just fine.

Tell yourself that.

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