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2 December

“What are you looking at so intensely?”

“Merlin,” I said, “snared by the pale freckled light and prisoned by Nimue, his lover, ‘neath a stone in enchanted Brocéliande.”

She looked over my shoulder. “It a car,” she said, “in a polyurethane cover in somebody’s yard. You’re daydreaming again.”

“Nay, reverie helps us descend so deeply within ourselves,” I said, “that we are left raw and liberated from reality.”

“Okay. Raw and liberated are fine and all, but you need to go buy groceries. Your milk is out of date.”

And right so was I made ware of an arm clothed in white samite, that held a fair set of car keys in a pale hand. Within a while did I then depart unto the market, where many wonders and mysteries did I see, though I did labor to find milk.

But never passed there an hour wherein did I not find Merlin’s plight passing sore, withal.

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