Chris (growing fruit)


Do not waste your life fighting dandelions, they will always win, and you will actually be the bad guy. If the virulent fungal disease which killed off the rubber industry in South America ever reaches Asia, then the viscous goo from dandelion roots could be our best hope for a world with tyres. So please, do not waste your life fighting dandelions.

Also if the rubber trees do all die, and then the research into dandelion root tyres fails, we are going to be back in a horse and cart period of trade and economics. You might find yourself thankful for those early spring dandelion leaves which are rich in vitamins A,C and K, and iron, magnesium and potassium. They nourished tribal communities, they could be our springtime medicine, leave them be.

So if your lawn is all puckered with dandelions then consider each one a blessing. Leap through their seedy pom-poms and rejoice in every grassy star, and do not waste your time fighting them; they were meant to win.

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