everything is a phase

I’ll let you into a secret…

There are rules about the Front Page. Not written rules, not even openly discussed rules. Assumptions, then.

Or guidelines.

But sometimes it’s because a photo breaks those rules – that’s exactly why it’s crying out to be plucked out and placed on the Front Page.

So ok, maybe this image of jenn’s is not exactly one of the undiscovered gems we like to bring to your attention.

You might be one of the many thousands that have already seen it while perusing the pool over breakfast. You might have commented, chemex brewing up your morning coffee. You might have favorited between fistfuls of Frosties.

You might have read the words that accompany it and wondered if there was anything else left to say…

I know I did.

So even if you did already take a long look, make a comment, and read jenn’s text. In fact whether you did or not, why don’t you make some time to linger over the light, go back and read the text again. Everything is a phase — but it’s also a chance to take your time and enjoy what’s right before your eyes.

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