The world was too much with her

The world is too much with us. That’s from a poem by Wordsworth. What he meant is that we get so locked into the material world — the rush and push of daily life — that we lose our sense of awe of the natural sphere. And it’s often true. But sometimes…

Yesterday Twitter was abuzz with a Tweet from the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office. An officer found a boulder on Highway 145. He described it like this: “Large boulder the size of a small boulder is completely blocking east-bound lane.” He was much mocked on social media, but I find the description to be as poetic as anything written by Wordsworth. We can sense the excitement and awe the officer felt at seeing the boulder. We can sense his emotion — and isn’t that what the best poetry does? Use words to describe and share an emotion.

I get the same sense from this rock wall in Popham Beach, Maine. The natural world has imposed itself on the human world — inserted itself into our daily lives — and there’s a sense of majesty and mystery that comes from witnessing it.

This is a large rock wall the size of a small rock wall, completely blocking the mundane lane of our lives.

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