Starnberger See

The sun was setting at the Starnberger See.

We were in newly in love, holding hands and gazing at the burning embers of the day. It reflected on my face, kissing the tip of my nose.

You turned to me and smiled, and suddenly there was nothing else in my world but you and I.

No sunset could distract me from the reflection of my future as I gazed into your eyes. I saw winter evenings curled up by a warm fire, a toasting another year with a glass of single malt. I saw our first child, then our second born. Our 20th anniversary…

Us holding hands on the beach. You and I growing older together.

“See the sun”, you said, “how it’s turned to silver like the moon?” Like starbursts at the Starnberger See.

Most people value golden sunsets, but that night I learned the value of a silvery sky.


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