small garden arranged with pebbles and rocks

Twenty-five weeks have passed since I stood on a beach in southern Okayama Prefecture. I watched a small fishing boat drift between islands. The sea looked still, I was calm. But, as we all know, the sea is never still, it is chaotic, just like the whole world is chaotic, as are all of us who live in it.

Every day we try to find that calm space. We know not to fret about the past mistakes we cannot change, or worry about a future beyond our control. We know we should live in the present moment; feel the chill air on our skin, taste the fading coffee flavour, smell the laundry, hear the distant traffic, see this picture of a perfect small garden arranged with rocks and pebbles. Long ago Buddhists in Tokyo made this garden to remind folks of ocean and islands and an empty beach; they obviously wanted to help.

Today I will spend some time looking through a seed catalogue and planning a perfect garden. Twenty-five weeks from now I will hopefully sit in the heart of my garden chaos and maybe take a picture. Obviously it will not look like this.


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