storm coming

Everything is still not alright, but still we persevere. We are etching certain views eternally into our mind’s eye. We thought that we were familiar with the trees nearby, we thought we appreciated the kind woman who lives opposite, we thought we liked those kids from up the road, with their goofy puppy. Now we are intimate with the view from our windows. We have mentally embossed the memory of every budding leaf of any measly shrub. We are starving for tastes of fresh life; voices from the outside ignite a sudden rush of love, it is delight to hear a puppy bark and a distant child hooting their reply. Jody the wanderer, has seen so many places, too many to list, Jody has crossed continents and chased tornadoes. Now like me and you, she goes no further than her porch. We are all stuck with our front window views, we all see the coming storms, we all hope for silver linings.

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