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Look at this proud and mighty beast. It is my experience that a high percentage of small dogs have what might be called a Napoleon Complex. Based on research conducted on the local canine population, from the vantage point of my front porch, it seems that anyone smaller than a Siberian Husky knows that they are the boss dog. The Mastiff barely raises her brow at any other animal, the Labradors plod on in a perpetual state of dopey bliss, don’t get me started on the Newfoundland; if he trod on a daisy he would write a sorry note.

But the small dogs, they need you to know that they are not to be messed with. Sammy the Fox Terrier hyperventilates himself into a vortex of gasping fury every time he sees another creature. Pippin the weeny Border terrier has been known to take on passing bulldozers. Dickie the Chihuahua walks the city streets with fearless poise; Dickie identifies as a Great Dane.

There is a term “punching above your weight” but I would hesitate to use it to apply it to any of these diminutive doggies; it has come to mean somebody in a  relationship with a partner who is a lot more attractive than they are. As Daisy the Dandy Dimott will tell you, it is all about being taken seriously, when you constantly get judged based on your appearance, then you have to stand strong. She wouldn’t have to bark so much if she wasn’t so damn cute.

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