Harrison Well

Park Hyatt Saigon

Not all of us were raised on Schoolhouse Rock. The first time I heard that three was a magic number  I was listening to the crackling samples of De La Soul. It doesn’t matter where or when you learned it, my point is that for portrait photographers three is indeed the magic number. If you have one cute child, well then you have a cute child and you and that child can take some cute pictures. If you have two cute children, and if those children are both dressed exactly alike in equally cute outfits, then huzzah! Yet now you have to find a way to make the image perfectly balanced. However if you have three cute children, three adorable children, with fluffy things in their hair, wearing the same matching outfits and all of them holding a single flower, then you my friend have hit portraiture gold.

Three is the magic number. Four is far too much work.

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