Line, shape and color; the foundations of art. Line is our guide; it leads the eye into, around, through, and out of an image. Shape is a destination, a stopping point, where the eye can rest. Blocks of color carry emotional weight; they can jar us out of complacency or, as in this case, offer us comfort and quietude.

Line, shape, blocks of color — nothing more, and yet it creates a tranquil gestalt that transcends the individual elements. We don’t need to know anything about this image to enjoy it. We don’t need to know its scale — large, small, doesn’t matter. We don’t need to know if this pattern is on a wall or on the floor or on the ceiling. We don’t need to know the utility of the individual elements.

All we need is line and shape and color. The photographer gives us that, and we provide the connectedness between them.

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