The Twins Always Worked In Tandem

Around about fourteen years ago Iron Photographer began. A project which suggests that you take the three given ingredients and make mischief, or indeed a photograph with them. It is sometimes a trigger to concoct the most delightful unexpected image, it is just as often a license to silliness. Sometimes, as here, the two qualities happily collide.

We can only assume that when Michael dons a Covid face mask he imagines himself as his Western stagecoach robber alter egos: the Perkins Pair, The Masked Micks, The Tombstone Twins. When he’s stopped at the bank door by a cashier pointing a Laser Infrared Thermometer at his head, you can bet that Michael wants to reach for the stars. Silliness is a balm and a delight, and sometimes it is the process behind a wonderful photograph.

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