Is it Christmas yet?

Normally, the answer would be no. Not yet.

Let’s get past Halloween first. Let’s celebrate Guy Fawkes Night and commemorate Remembrance Sunday, Armistice Day or Veterans Day.  Let’s light up the festival of light when Diwali comes around. And let’s give some thanks for Thanksgiving before we turn our attention to sleigh-bells and reindeer.

Who can multitask celebrations, commemorations and festivities anyway?

In a normal year, if you wanted to do it right, you’d take it one celebration at a time.

But this is no normal year.

So let’s all take a cue from Tette Lindbergh. Let’s get decking those halls with boughs of holly. Let’s put up the Christmas tree and turn on the festive lights.

Because if Santa Claus coming is to town, who’s to say he can’t arrive in November* and come back for an encore on Christmas Day?

*This is actually more or less what happens in the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas.

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