Un ragazzo chiamato Bi


Symmetry in nature is predictable, blissful perfection. You only need to examine one side –  if it’s symmetrical the other will be the same. That’s the law*.

But here is an example of why you should always look again, just in case you come across the startling beauty of asymmetry.

It’s more than a mere game of spot the difference – – there is an extra elegance when things don’t precisely align in just the right way.

If there was symmetry, you might not stop to ponder on the significance of the heart within the paw print. You might only see the paw and move on.

And you might not stop to examine the mottling on the leaf, because all you can see is the vibrance of the autumn colour. But it is the brown specs are a signal that this was once a living thing, not an imitation. Have you noticed that imitations are often that is imperfect, precisely because of their perfection?

*I am taking liberties with Gestalt psychology’s law of symmetry, which doesn’t actually state that you only need to examine one side of an object.

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