Martha Catherine Ivey

Something about that white bowl on the bench with the shadow pouring into it

If you really knew me then I would not have to explain why I like this photograph so much. You would already know about my fondness for aqua coloured paint, how it makes me think of seaside promenades and Victorian piers; the most deliberately carefree colour the world has known. Then that red, those of us who love that uncompromising red, and Martha is among us, will never feel the need to defend such perfect richness. Yes there are lovely lines here, including an almost inexplicable squiggle. But most of all, you would know how much I love an unhurried title, one which takes its time, one which allows you  to check out the shadows pouring into that little white bowl, while I, for some reason, am trying hard to remember the lyrics to Whispering Jack Smith’s shadow song.

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