That tree again

No, please don’t.

Debra wrote:

“I like returning to the same thing again and again, seeing it in different light, how the seasons change. But it’s become routine so I’m going to try to photograph different things on my Thursday walks.”

I understand not wanting to get trapped by by routine, I do. I understand wanting photograph different things…and yes, you definitely should. It’s just that we love the continuity of a series. We develop a relationship with things we’ll never see for ourselves. I love that stone barn you photographed for eight years. I love this windshaped tree, which you first photographed on a Thursday Walk in December of 2018. I feel connected to them…to that tree, that barn.

Yes, walk along different paths. Yes, photograph new things. But please, if you have the time, visit our old friends now and then, just so we know how they’re doing. Please, let them know we remember them, Let them know there are people across the globe who feel affection for them, who cherish them, who wish them well.

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