Night Needles

“This place always unsettles me, it’s creepy” he says. “I mean who needs acupuncture at…” he looks at his phone “at 11.37 pm.”

“Someone with labor pains.” she says “My friend Kerri went to an acupuncturist when she was in labor with her eldest, Claude. The baby was like spine to spine with her, they call it posterior presentation, she said it hurts like someone is hitting you in the back with a one by four plank of wood. She was that specific. Not a baseball bat, not a nightstick, not a two by four.”

She looks at him and shrugs.

“Anyhow it was the middle of the night, Kerri was in agony, she went to the acupuncturist and they stuck the long pins in her, and Shazam! It turned the baby around, and it stopped hurting so bad, and the next day baby Claude was born.”

“Who calls a baby Claude?” he asks.

“I used to live near a 24 hour vacuum repair store” she says. “Now that really was creepy. Who has to vacuum at all hours? It turns out it was a front for the Russian mob.”




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