“It’s for you”

True story. At the start of last winter I moved into a new apartment. Not a big place; a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hallway, but airy high ceilings and nice tall doors. By mid January I started to notice the ghost. It “woohooos” like the spooky sound effects in a 1940’s movie. It especially woohooos in the hallway when all the doors are closed. When you stand in the hallway it is like the sound departments for “Wuthering Heights” and “Jamaica Inn” and that graveyard bit from that other movie, it is like all those sound engineers got together to compete for who makes the best spooky woohoo noises. So eventually my husband hears it too. He said to call the landlord. I mean what is the landlord going to do about a ghost. And I am not about to invite a priest round, priests they are harder to get rid of than ghosts. So anyhow I adopted a stray cat. The cat is not without its problems, but I am telling you that the day the cat moved in, the ghost moved out. Ghosts understand, there is only so much responsibility a woman can handle. If you have a husband and then you have a cat, you just don’t have enough energy left to deal with a ghost too.

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