The national flag of Ukraine

This lunchtime I watched a video by a tearful chef José Andrés*, on the Polish border where he’s set up a kitchen to feed refugees. “The people of Poland like the people of the whole world are Ukrainians now,” he said.

Then after work I came across this image of the flag flying at Stockholm city hall.

It has been a shocking week. There are no polite words to properly describe it. But as ever, even in the worst of times there are symbols of hope. We do what we can do, though we may feel like we are helpless bystanders.

There are Ukrainian flags flying in towns and cities across the world, paper flags in stuck in windows of ordinary homes.

These are not empty gestures, they are signs of support.

Ukraine is not alone, it is in our hearts and in our minds.

*You can see the video here on twitter.




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