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Project 365 (2022) | 19 May

Here. Have a seat. You’ve been at it for quite a while; you’ve earned a short break. Well, you’ve earned a long break, but we know you probably won’t take it. There’s so much still to do.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it. There’s always so much still to do. There will always be so much still to do. That knowledge–that awareness–of a future in which there’s always going to be so much still to do, that’s what really wears you down.

That’s also why you should take a seat now. Right now. Relax a bit, maybe kick off your shoes and rest your feet. Close your eyes. Take a few slow breaths. Listen to the world around you. Feel the breeze. Let your body unwind. Let the sun wash over you. Forget it all, just for a few minutes.

It’s enough to be alive and sitting in a nice chair in the sunlight.

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