As Seldon his own self put it:

They planted a wildflower meadow on Sandylands seafront. I wasn’t sure it would survive the salt but it’s magnificent, especially on a dull, dreary day.

There’s something deliciously contradictory about the notion of deliberately planting wildflowers. Wildflowers, by definition, are…well, wild. Not intentionally seeded. But over the last couple of decades, there’s been a movement to encourage flowering local native plants in places where they may have once grown wild.

I’ve no idea if the Sandylands seafront in Morecombe ever in its long history actually had such an array of field poppies, corncockles, bird’s foot trefoil, corn marigolds, knapweed, chamomile, sheep’s sorrel, and viper’s bugloss. And really, who cares? It’s a beautifully romantic idea and no doubt it’s lightened hearts and spirits. Especially, as Seldon says, on a dull, dreary day.

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