How Do I Join Utata?

Utata is a group on flickr. To join the group you must first be a member of flickr (either the paid or free account will work). Here’s what the group’s home page reads, in part:

UTATA is a salon in the traditional sense. A parlour. THIS is a place to talk. Tell stories. Ask questions. Be silly. Be serious. Learn. Teach. Grow. Relax. Wind up or down. We talk about photography a lot, naturally. We try to grow. Some of us are pros, some want to go pro, others want artistic fulfilment, some are trying to be better photographers and some just come for the pie and conversation.

Who Should Join?

Whoever is polite and interested. Notice polite is first.

Who Are Our Members

We have pros and amateurs, published authors and waitresses who write poems, we have people who ring up hundreds of views on every picture and those who are just joining and haven’t built an audience yet – this is not a place for a certain sort of photographer, but a certain sort of person.

What Then?

Once you are a member you can participate in threads and discussion and put photos in the pool. Once you have a member page you can participate in projects and all sorts of other fun, cool things.

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