Why don’t my photos appear on Utata?

So you have a member page, have authenticated your member status with flickr (see the sign up page if you are unsure) and you’ve tagged your photos and they don’t show up on your Utata member page or in Utata projects? There are two reasons why a photo won’t show:

1. The most common problem is that you have set the status of your stream not to be available to the flickr API – in other words you’re not available through the communal pipe and our software can’t find you.

Try here: Hiding from Search

Your photos MUST be available to the API searches for Utata to use them. You can find this screen by clicking the link above or by choosing the Privacy & Permissions tab on your Flickr account page.

2. Less common (and only affecting accounts created before Mar 2007), but sometimes the problem, it may be that your account is marked NIPSA. This is something that only Flickr staff can help you with. You can check the status of your account (look at the top of Your Account page and follow the link from there to find out how to unNipsa your account.

Or is it your member page feature photo(s) you’re wondering about? Check here.

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