Are Some Projects Missing?

When Utata was first started, projects were done on a small personal site and all hand coded. In fact, the first one (Trains) was 100% hand coded and did not even use a content management system! As Utata grew we went to rented server space and Movable Type and to actually needing our own server and running on mostly custom software that we built ourselves. The upshot is that in the first year of operation Utata grew so fast that we could not keep up.

As we constantly upgraded we could hardly keep up with the demand of new work and had no time to bring some of the older projects online in the new system – they’re sort of like apples and oranges and don’t work in the same ways at all. So, projects like Fairs and Verbiage and Homage are awaiting time and resources so we can convert them and get them back on the site. In the meanwhile, we apologize for the annoyance 🙁

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