What Are Projects?

Projects are the heart of Utata. They’re the celebration, if you will, of our communal love of photography and they’re our “face to the world”. We aim to create compelling, interesting and enlightening collections of photographs and words which will entertain and, hopefully, delight you. Have questions about a particular project? Check out Project Central!

The important thing about projects is that you must have a member page to participate. This is our way of ensuring that only those photographs which belong in the projects are actually in the projects. Need a member page?

There are two types of Utata projects. In the first type, usually “quick weekend projects” we use a fast and dirty system where we tell you what tag to use and identify a theme. All you have to do is ensure your photographs are tagged as indicated and they will automatically be displayed on the project page on the site. You can check out flickr’s help page on tagging your photos for some pointers.

The second type is a published project and usually takes a week or two to prepare and produce. They are more complicated in nature and are intended to be stand alone sites. They are very heavily viewed – we’ve had hits as high as 35,000 per day on a project publication week – and are generaly ongoing in nature. An example of a published project is here, called Utata Speaks

Wondering about missing projects?

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