What’s This Testimonial Business?

One of the ways Utata really is tribal is that we ask that everyone who requests a member page find some other Utata member who does not yet have a testimonial and write them one. Go visit their stream, check out their work, write a considered testimonial. Your name is on that list, too and if everyone does their part then we should never have more than a few Utatans without a testimonial. This is an important part of the community spirit and we urge you to do your bit, please.

Writing a Utata testimonial for someone is very easy. Make sure you’re logged in to Utata and take a look through the member pages.

On each member page, you’ll find a "Write a Testimonial" link at the bottom.

Your testimonial won’t become visible until the member has accepted it, so you might want to drop them a FlickrMail to prompt them to do this – we’ll be introducing a better notification system in the new year.

You can manage your testimonials – both ones you’ve written and ones people have written for you – from your account pages.

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