Rosanne Haaland


First of all, I'm happy to be here. This is obviously an artistic community whose members applaud and encourage fellow members, as well as come up with creative ideas to spur on more creativity. (So, thanks again, Dave, for helping me get my page up and running! You're a gem.)

Now, a bit of a bio ... I have loved photography since I was a little girl -- I remember how cool it was to look through my dad's SLR viewfinder for the first time and watch those two half circles finally line up with each other as I turned the focusing ring and then: WOW! a whole new world opened up to me. My very first camera was a little 110 mm automatic that my grandmother gave me for Christmas one year in my early teens. I still have the photos I took of my teen years with that camera.
I've come a long way, but have much farther to go, which I know once I look at all the spectacular photography that is showcased here and on Flickr. But I am not daunted, I am looking forward to participating in projects here, and growing along with the rest of you. I love to observe and record, to the best of my ability, the wonders of all that God has created and given us, whether it be people, places or things.
I am currently teaching HS art and am even teaching a beginning digital photography class, which also pushes me to learn more. There is nothing like teaching others to help you learn even better.
My current equipment is a Canon Digital Rebel, 6 mgp, with the kit lens, 18-55mm, and a 28-135mm zoom lens with IS. That's the lens that is on it most of the time. I've also borrowed a couple of cameras, and I'm hoping to upgrade my whole system sometime in the next year (especially before my husband and I take our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Scotland next summer! :o)
I love to draw as well as take photos, and I love to play around with Photoshop to some degree, though "pure" photography is my passion -- and therefore I love B&W, although it is definitely not as popular on Flickr as color.
I am a happily married wife of a ceramic engineer and artist (you can see his pottery work on his flickr site found in my family contacts), and the mom of four beautiful and growing-fast children. We reside in Suffolk, VA, USA, but have lived in several other states since we have been married: South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Michigan.
If you've read this far you are a trooper! Thanks!
and Ilook forward to reading your biographies and getting to know others of you better!
Happy Utata-ing!


Fate, Utata and Flickr gave me the oportunity of being delighted by Rosanne´s work. Not only she makes excellent and artistic pictures, but also you can find an excuse to meditate about life in general with each one of them.

Testimonial written by Antoine Dujarandille