Elisabeth Feldman


It's been almost two years since I bought my first camera - one season in the magical garden you'll get to know if you peek at my work. It's been a time of being intiated intimately into the ways of fascists, a year witnessing my beautiful son emerging from his chrysalis at 18.

Shooting photos became an instant obsession. I had no idea I would become a photographer and it's a wonderful surprise to find my passion at mid-life. I had been a therapist until a few years ago when illness forced me to early retirement. A therapist sits in a room and talks to people about their struggles. I loved being a therapist but had no idea how insulated I was in my office with my clients. Photography has brought me out into the world in a big way, including finding the Flickr community.

Where would I be without the support, education, inspiration of the many fantastic photographers who've been so generous of spirit. I am grateful down to my bones to the crew that made Flickr happen with the feedback of their community.

I'm a toddler still, in terms of skill. I'm learning all the time, mostly here, mostly simply by looking at other people's work, especially those that I hope to emulate or with whom I share a similar visual language or style.

What a thrill it is to hunt the shot or have it appear out of nowhere. And double the pleasure being able to share these little, and sometimes, great treasures.

Flickr is my home on the net. It's been a place for me to safely explore, grow and Play! My contact with people (worldwide) here has been nourishing in the deepest way. I am grateful down to my bones to the wonderful people who've built this site and community.

I live in a rural area not far from San Francisco, so the content of many of my images is organic, nature, in one form or other. I live near Point Reyes, redwoods, rolling hills with wildflowers and my backyard is a huge garden which has been tended by my dear friend as if it's an epic novel. You'll see.

I share my awe of natural process from budding to decay. I try to bring some originality to subjects that have been photographed millions of times. It's a challenge. I sometimes miss the range of content I'd find if I lived in San Francisco, a city I know like that back of my hand, offering up skillions of possibilities for content that might express the darker and edgier part of my vision.

I am drawn to images with soul - inspiring, intense, tender, rageful, surreal, cinematic, outrageous, hysterical or minmal. I love the pallettes, faces and terrain of other cultures and the warm rich colors of old worn decayed things.

I'm in my 40's, unconventionally but definitely a family person, and interested in nearly everything!!


Where to begin with the work of hurleygurley (aka Elisabeth)?

Well, how about browsing first through her amazing collection of sets, all 111 of them. I better write this fast, in fact, or she'll be off creating another one... Titles like 'Harry and Larry - A Short Tale', 'Mutancycles' and 'A Rotting Peeling Rusting Rainbow' are on the appetizers menu.

Then onto the meat of her photostream. This woman is all about COLOUR (except she spells it color). Her biggest project is 'rgb - hg's color tour', a joyous journey through the spectrum. Unmissable.

I first noticed her work in 'Piano in the Woods' and one of that set is still my desktop. Much of her photographic inspiration comes from the natural world and although her flower photos are just outstanding, nothing in the landscape is missed. There's the fascination of rust and decay, the light as it plays on her local creek and the quiet beauty of lichen on a rock.

This is a poetic eye and a warm one. I have the impression of a full life well lived. Her creativity is still expanding and her photostream is always a delight to revisit.

Testimonial written by Rachel Cowan