Keys - Iron Photographer 154 - Utata

Amarand Agasi

Sitting here at work,
I know I have everything.
Handmade Post-It snoot!

1 - something deconstructed (keyboard keys and USB)
2 - something glass (in a pint glass)
3 - painting with light (BlackBerry flash through Post-It snoot)

The only thing missing at work was something to actually paint with light. I left all of my flashlights at home, and wanted to use my iPhone to actually take the image (using LightBomber for the 30-second long-exposure magic), so what to do, what to do?

Ah, yes!

The BlackBerry Torch has the word "torch" in its name, and sure enough, a free application called Flashlight or something allowed me to turn the flash on and off using the side button. Hooray! But flashes are diffuse, and painting with light prefers focused and directional. Post-It snoot! Worked great, and allowed me to put the light exactly where it was needed.

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