Body Language

We all communicate either consciously or unconsciously with our bodies in many different ways that can send messages to those around us. Our bodies can show if we are relaxed or uncomfortable, sad or happy, domineering or submissive. We sometimes can tell if someone is lying, bored or putting up a barrier just by how they sit or stand or cross their legs and arms. Just a subtle gesture can send a signal that we are attracted to someone. Even how close we stand to another another person can express a desire to get to know them better or be a deliberate threat to intimidate them. So, take a look around you and see what others are saying simply by their body language. Your photo(s) can be of others or of yourself and it can be either a candid or staged. You may take a photo of an entire body or something as simple as a hand gesture or how someone folds their arms. Be creative and let the body speak for itself.
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