Books, candles, map, watch - D80 in-camera Sepia conversion

Eystein Roll Aarseth

Sooo... I saw twophat's photo and thought "Hey, I can do that. Or at least something like it.". (Hey! Stop laughing!) Well, at least I have some old books, even if they're in better condition than his. :-)

Tried a colour version but didn't get the right tone even if I used full CTO gels on the flashes (and they added some *really* nasty discoloured areas), so I decided to see what could be done in black & white.
As an added twist I did the B&W conversion in-camera. Tried the Sepia conversion of the D80 too, and decided it looked even better.
The result is just as you see it, the only postprocessing was a bit of cropping and straightening the "horizon" in Lightroom.

Not entirely happy with the end results, should've worked more to get rid of shadows and highlights in the wrong places, but it's ok-ish.

Strobist info:
100 ISO 1/45s f/16
2 SB-600 flashes, both at 1/8 power:
- One camera left, on a lightstand behind the table, gobo'd with a piece of non-slip mat since it was around and my snoots seem to have run into hiding.
- One on a tripod camera right with a 2cm DIY black straw gridspot.
(Should've used gridspots on both, but the other gridspot wasn't finished yet. The glue on the one I used hadn't even finished drying.)

Setup shot


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